Custom AI chat for your Website CRM Software Store Data.

Based on ChatGPT 3.5 / 4.0

Integrate your data sources and get a chatbot similar to ChatGPT on your website. Easily add the chatbot to your site or channel used by your customers in just a few clicks, allowing them to receive fast, intelligent, and precise answers effortlessly.

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Accurate "plug and play" AI chat

Deploy your custom AI chat with an easy setup

Chatly's chatbot can extract all the content from your website, allowing it to provide accurate responses to customers. If you notice that the answers are not precise, you can train it with any data and even set instructions & rules.

A tailored response based on your data

Imagine a bot that knows the availability of your products, prices, selection, and even provides links to each product on your website, all 24/7. It also collects leads from these conversations. Sounds like the employee of the month, doesn't it?

Automatic response to every incoming message

It's time to keep customers satisfied with a response to every message. Instead of waiting for a representative or dealing with an old-fashioned, tiring bot, they receive specific answers to every question. Your clients won't be able to distinguish whether it's human or not.

Handling multiple inquiries simultaneously

The days of rushing between calls are over. The smart chatbot can handle hundreds of conversations simultaneously while still providing each customer with a personalized response as if they were talking to a human representative.

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Chatly provides a straightforward solution for connecting the Chat-GPT chatbot with end customers on your website. The system allows you to train and educate the bot by feeding it website links and documents from which the bot can learn more about your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chatly provides a simple solution for connecting a Chat-GPT chatbot with end customers on a website. The system allows for training the bot by feeding it with website links and documents, enabling the bot to learn more about your business effortlessly.

All of this is done in a straightforward and speedy manner!

While setting up the bot, you can associate it with a link to your website and even provide files from which it can learn about your brand or website. For example, you can include PDF, Word, or text files for this purpose.

Yes! You can write simple text instructions for the conversation with the customer. For example, you can ask it to speak formally or informally, request it not to answer certain information it’s unsure about, or even ask it to respond only in Spanish.

By default, chatbots use chatGPT version 3.5, but it is possible to configure them to work with chatGPT version 4 with varying costs.

You can embed the bot on your website as a floating chat bubble or as an iframe. You can see our examples on the screen here. In the future, packages will be released that will also support communication through WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

Yes, Chatly supports about 95 languages. You can have your sources in any language and ask it questions in any language. Also, you can instruct the bot to answer in specific language. 

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Yes, in the setup settings, you can choose to create the bot with a unique link that is not accessible to all website visitors.

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